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The 2009 Market Is A Mirror Image of the 2003 Market

For several months I have been saying that the 2009 Stock Market is acting like a Mirror Image of the 2003 Market.  It’s very interesting that investors and “market experts” are saying and doing the same things they did in 2003.  In hindsight we can see that the March lows in both those years created


Why Investors Buy High and Sell Low

I talk to a lot of people about investing.  Many of them are afraid to invest.  I don’t think they recognize their fears, but the longer they talk the more I recognize the fears that are not obvious to them.  I had a few of those conversations this week.  One was from an existing subscriber


The Market Is What It Is

The recent bear market should have convinced investors that they have to monitor and take control of their investments.  They learned that it’s not safe to turn their portfolio over to an expert and then rely that they won’t lose a big chunk of their life savings in a bear market.  So what is their