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Buy and Hold is Dead

Avoid the Next Bear Market and Ride the Next Bull Up “This is a trader’s market. It is not time to buy and hold large indexes or high-beta stocks and expect to be made whole over the next ten years. Hope is not a strategy. But waiting for the “shoe to drop” is frustrating, I


Jim Rohrbach’s RIX Index Explained

I am sure you realize that what goes into the RIX Index is proprietary.  I will tell you this.  Each day I mathematically calculate a number that represents the trend of the market for that day.  The metric is cumulative so you will be able to see the trend developing.  I do this for the


Example: RIX Weekly Newsletter

Below is an example of our weekly newsletter. 8-13-10 RIX Newsletter Recent Signals 7-13-10 NYSE Buy Signal 8-11-10 Nasdaq Sell Signal How to interpret RIX Numbers NYSE RIX +12.0 Buy Signal -12.0 Sell Signal NASDAQ RIX  +6.0 Buy Signal -6.0 Sell Signal It’s that simple. The NYSE RIX The NYSE RIX has been on a