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Are you tired of searching for someone:

  • who can show you how to take the worry out of investing?
  • who can actually pinpoint changes in the direction of the stock market?
  • who will let you trade along with him when he trades?
  • who will promptly notify you by E-mail every time his Stock Market Timing Model issues a Buy or Sell Signal?
  • who would provide this service to the individual investor for a very low fixed annual fee?

Mr. Rohrbach developed the RIX (Rohrbach Index) which is available exclusively to his subscribers. Each day the RIX converts the stock market action into numbers that represent the trend of the market. The NYSE RIX triggers a Buy Signal when the RIX reading reaches +12.0 and a Sell Signal when the reading reaches -12.0.

The NASDAQ RIX triggers a Buy Signal when the RIX reading reaches +6.0 and a Sell Signal when the reading reaches -6.0.

It’s that simple and because the readings are mathematical, and precise, there is no need to try to use subjective interpretations. No guessing, no predicting, and no anticipating. The NYSE RIX has been pinpointing changes in the trend for 40 years and the NASDAQ RIX has been doing it for 10 years. Never again stay too long in a Major Decline or miss a Major Up move. The RIX mathematics makes that impossible. It forces you to take action.

Our Market Timing Models translate the market action into numbers every day. These numbers are very useful in seeing the trend and the approaching trend changes. We call the trend changes Buy and Sell Signals. When we issue a Signal, it is always un-hedged (no prediction’s, no maybe’s, no on-the-other-hand’s, and no what if’s). We know that investors have lost tons of money because they couldn’t see the change in trend; our subscribers did not because they receive these daily readings.

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Do you find it difficult to make investment decisions? Do you have difficulty deciding when to get in or out of an investment? I will tell when to pull the trigger, and if you follow my Signals you will know the right time. I will watch the market for you every day.

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