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You only have to look at films like The Wolf of Wall Street to see that there’s plenty of benefits and wealth to be gained from investing in the stock market. But that’s not to say it’s not without its obstacles. It also must be said that there’s no sure fire guarantee that your investments will pay out, let alone leave you with enough to retire at 40 taking your yacht around the Bahamas.

In essence, investment is just another form of a gamble. Not unlike poker or even the lotto, there is no guarantee you will win or receive a huge payout. However there are some stark differences, like the fact the stock market has no house edge or guaranteed payout amounts. Investing is of course a more preferred and trusted method of trying to make more money as the risk of involved is usually much lower than playing the lotto or spinning a roulette wheel for instance, despite the fact you’re likely to invest a lot more money in stocks than on everyday gambling.

Traders and investors spend time analysing trends and working out deals to try and predict the value of your investment over time. In most instances you won’t make a tragic loss, though it is possible as historical market crashes have shown.

If you’re not sure about investing, why not try some online gambling games and explore the sort of return to player and payout percentages you can expect. Browse this site for some bingo and slot playing options.

Of course these sites are just for fun, and you’ll never have a good long-term payout from them. But the gambling concept is something that is similar, so you could stand to learn a bit from these fun online games.

Once you have gotten to grips with the basics and understood that there is potential for a loss to be made, you can contact us or sign up for an Investment Models subscription to ensure you make the best investment possible for you.